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Value Add Forward Logistics


LetMeRepair is your partner for all forward logistics that goes beyond a simple pick, pack & ship process. We make sure your goods get stored in appropriate way, are then build or customized to your customers order and finally delivered to your customer in the agreed way. If required we will deliver to your customer all across Poland through our own employees, install the product and not leave before it is working!

Service Options

  • Warehousing
  • SKD Assembly and BTO
  • Kitting & Customization
  • Technical & non-technical Rework
  • Roll Out & Installation

Reverse Logistics & Asset Recovery


Customer returns can never be fully prevented. We support you in making sure a return is really justified and meets all agreed criteria. Once this is confirmed we go even further and take your returns, repair and refurbish them to the agreed level, define the optical condition and make a product ready for re-sale!

Service Options

  • RMA Management
  • Returns Handling
  • Testing
  • Repair & Refurbishment
  • Grading

Customer Care & After Sales Services


Whenever your customer has a problem with a device, LetMeRepair will take care on your behalf. We support from the beginning to the end, from the very first contact till the customer has his repaired and working device back. And when a device is too big for transport, we will just send our technician to fix it at the customers place!

Service Options

  • Hotline & Technical Support
  • Service Logistics (Pick Up / Carry In / On-Site Swap / Advanced Exchange)
  • Depot Repair
    • Module replacement
    • Component level repair (incl. SMD)
  • In-Home Repair

Managed Services


Besides consumer products LetMeRepair supports a wide range of professional devices that require more than just a standard warranty service. Supported by a sophisticated system we manage the installed base of devices and corresponding service level agreements. A well-defined combination of preventative maintenance, first line helpdesk support and our country-wide filed technicians ensure the lowest possible downtime of your equipment!

Service Options

  • Contract and Service Level Management
  • Helpdesk
  • On-Site Break & Fix
  • Maintenance Management

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